About Us

Anne Mardell and Mardee are proudly designed and made locally in Auckland, New Zealand. Since 1981.

Anne demonstrates an intellegent understanding of utilising textiles to compliment and flatter their wearer. Natural fibres (wool, cotton, linen, bamboo) form the staples of each collection and are punctuated with garments that reflect Anne's unique perspective on pleating and heat manipulation of fabric, as well as highly anticipated cohesive colours and exclusive prints.


Our Retail Stores

Our stores have always been an integral part of our business. They are the home to our retail staff who deliver an intuitive and honest service to our cutomers.


Support Local

At Anne Mardell, we design clothing that go beyond fast trends. Our garments are made to last and be enjoyed over many years. We produce our clothing here in Auckland working closely with local fabric and trim suppliers, cutters and makers, and many more small local businesses. We are proud of the relationships we have formed through many years in our local industry and these are so indespensable to the ongoing success of our business.